Quick Timer High

Quick Timer High 2.2

Programmable timer software

Quick Timer High is a tool that aids you in your scientific experiments. It provides a collection of timers that can be used in your experiments for whatever purpose.

Quick Timer High is very easy to use despite the number of timers that you need to manage. It has a very simple program interface that is easy to understand even without looking at the basic help file tutorial.

Quick Timer High has high resolution and you can program the timer to control 2 channel, 4 channel, 8-channel and 16-channel relay controller boards.

With this tool, you can start and stop all at once or activate them individually with a click on a specific timer. It allows you to start, stop, and pause the timer in an easy way.

After you stop the timer, the program will automatically save the data in a readable document. Quick Timer High is helpful software with many capabilities that can by used by everyone.